Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tips to teach the letters of the alphabet

Identification of the letters of the alphabet

Here are a few suggestions you may consider in teaching children to identify the letters of the alphabet:

The alphabet song: Perhaps the most basic, but very useful. Sing it slowly/distinctly and sing it often. Have a large alphabet chart and point out to each letter while you sing. If you can give all children letter cards in order (alphabet flashcards) they can even hold up each letter as it is sung.

Write a letter on the board and have children say it out in chorus. Write it out slowly each time it is said.

Bring models of the letter (you can make cut-outs of the letter in card-board) and pass around to all children. If you can make sufficient numbers you can give one to each child. They can slowly build up a collection of the entire alphabet.

Keep models of various letters on the table and ask children to pick up the correct letter.

Use kindergarten worksheets to make learning fun and interesting

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