Thursday, April 29, 2010

More tips to teach the letters of the alphabet

1. Write several letters on the board and ask children to choose the right letter. Initially do not write letters with very similar shapes that may confuse children at an early stage. Later, when they are more accomplished they will be better equipped to avoid confusion.

2. Bring objects or models of things that start with that letter. For example: for B you can bring a ball, bat, banana etc. Pass around these for all to see.

3. Have different objects on the table. Ask children to pick out objects that start with the given letter.

4. Call on a child whose name starts with that letter. He or she can say, for instance, Hello, I am Arun. ‘A’ for ‘Arun’ and so on. He can be the leader for that day.

5. Show a magazine or picture book to children. Ask them to identify all instances of the given letter in any page.

6. Play ‘Hunt For The Letter’. Ask children to look around the room and pick up all objects that start with the letter.

7. Use colouring pages often. Most children love to colour. The colouring pages should have letter in large size to colour. They may also have objects that begin with the letter.

Printable kindergarten worksheets

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